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Lessons can be learned from many of life’s endeavors, but I’ve found backpacking seems to offer more than its fair share of learning opportunities. Who knows, maybe the mind is distracted by productive thinking while trying to avoid questioning one’s own sanity in lugging a 40-pound pack around the woods. Recently, my teenaged daughter and […]
The dichotomy between leader and manager has been analyzed ad nauseam, but there is a relevant question you should ask when it comes to organizations and businesses. Is your organization over managed and under led? The discussion defining leadership and management can launch in multiple directions. Organizations need both. Simply defining leadership seems a challenge. Webster’s Dictionary […]
Cam Newton isn't the only one who must overcome adversity to become a stronger leader. Here are "benefits" of failure and adversity.
Have you ever thought about what you’d write to your younger professional self about your vocational journey? After 25 years in the communications field, there are dozens of things I’d pass on, but here are 10 I feel are most important. This exercise was prompted by a young friend of mine who is transitioning from his first job […]