D. Chris Turner Communications offers expertise to its clients in a number of areas, including social media, writing and editorial services, media training, crisis communications, communications consulting and media relations. Each section below is hyperlinked for a more in-depth description of each service.

Social media:

So, your organization decided it needed to dive into social media. Great, but was it added strategically? Does it advance your organizational objectives or does it limp along beside the “real” communications plan? Whether you’ve launched or are are still deciding to wade into the social media waters, D. Chris Turner Communications can help. Please see our social media services page for more information.

Writing and Editorial:

Every organization has a need for content development or editorial services. In today’s world of social media and the way it impacts relationships between organizations and their constituents, content is everything. How’s your content? Is it well written and does it advance your organizational strategy? D. Chris Turner Communications can support you in a variety of ways editorially. Please see our editorial services page for more information.

Media Training:

Every opportunity to address the media is an opportunity to advance the brand and objectives of an organization…or represent the organization poorly. And it isn’t just in the media. Every leader or member of an organization interacts with numerous stakeholders. It may be the CEO to employees, or customer service reps to customers. Do the people in your organization know what to say and how to say it, especially in stressful situations? D. Chris Turner Communications offers a variety of solutions to “media train” a variety of people, including those in the C-Suite. Please see our media training page for more information.

Crisis Communications training / planning /support 

When people hear the word crisis they think of drastic events. However, a crisis is any event – big or small – that potentially casts your organization in a negative light and threatens the value of your brand. Small businesses may be most at risk since they often don’t have communications staff to guide them through the process. An event may actually have happened, but how your organization responds determines people’s opinions of the organization. It is possible for an organization to comment through a crisis with a positive image, but you need answers to questions. D. Chris Turner Communications can help you prepare for crises before they happen and help you navigate the waters when they happen. Please see our crisis communications page for more information.

Communications Consulting:

Every organization is stretched thin when it comes to personnel and time. There isn’t enough of either to get everything done. Unfortunately, communications strategy is one area that often gets pushed to the end of the line. The “we’ll get to it when we can” approach often leaves communications plans scattered and lacking continuity. D. Chris Turner Communications can help. Please see our communications consulting page to learn the diverse ways in which we can support your organization.

Media relations:

It isn’t enough for your organization to fire “press releases” out through the various public relations wire services and expect them to magically connect with journalists (was it ever?). Media relations requires much more than than. Journalists – and bloggers – are bombarded with tons of useless releases and resent the expectation that because you sent it, they should use it. Media relations means taking the time to understand a reporter’s (or blogger’s) “beat” and offering unique ways to tell your organization’s story. The goal is developing a mutually beneficial relationship. As a former reporter, editor, and corporate media relations manager, D. Chris Turner can help. Please see our media relations page for more information.