Communications Consulting

Every organization is stretched thin when it comes to personnel and time. There isn’t enough of either to get everything done. Unfortunately, communications strategy and execution is one area that often gets pushed to the end of the line. The “we’ll get to it when we can” approach often leaves communications plans scattered and lacking continuity. D. Chris Turner Communications can help.

Gap assessment – Has your organization’s marketing and communications plans become disjointed? A gap assessment evaluates every aspect of you plan, what is currently being done and makes recommendations to establish more continuity. This may range from developing for you an online newsroom to offering a plan for increasing your news distribution.

Internal communications – Most employee surveys indicate employees rarely feel communicated to enough, especially by upper management. How are you doing at employee communications? I can develop a customized internal communications audit to find the best way to reach your employees then develop a plan of action to reach internal communications objectives.

Social media policies – Does your organization have a policy that governs employee social media use as it relates to the organization? Do you even need one? I can walk you through the process to first decide if you need one and if so, I can work with HR and your legal team to develop a governance document that turns your employees into company advocates.

Editorial messaging assessment – With content marketing becoming more of a priority, is your organization hitting the mark editorially? I can evaluate your editorial content to determine if you are staying on point and if not, create a plan of action that gets you heading in the right direction.

Podcasting – Ever thought of creating an organizational podcast? You should, as it is a great way to serve your constituents while building your brand. I can help you develop a show format, determine content, schedule production and make equipment recommendations. There is very little investment in money and time to produce a quality podcast and it is a strategic corporate communications tool that offers you diverse content.