Crisis Communications

When people hear the word crisis they think of drastic events. However, a crisis is any event – big or small – that potentially casts your organization in a negative light and threatens the value of your brand. Small businesses may be most at risk since they often don’t have communications staff to guide them through the process. An event may actually have happened, but how your organization responds determines people’s opinions of the organization. It is possible for an organization to comment through a crisis with a positive image, but you need answers to questions. D. Chris Turner Communications can help you prepare for crises before they happen and help you navigate the waters when they do.

Crisis Communications plan development – Do you know Step One if a crisis hits? If not, I can develop a custom  and comprehensive crisis communications plan for your organization that identifies the role of every player in the scenario, from the switchboard operator to the CEO. Some of the areas accounted for in the plan are: social media monitoring and messaging, interview preparation, speaking points, internal messaging and employee communications and much more. 

Crisis Communications training – This includes both media training and crisis simulation drills to evaluate the crisis plan and ensure all players accounted for in the plan know their roles and have an opportunity to practice them in a controlled environment. This training can be done either with a plan developed by D. Chris Turner or with a standing plan if an organization simply wants to test its readiness.

Social Media Crisis Assessment – Most organizations don’t fully grasp the significant role social media plays in a crisis and unfortunately most have not accounted for it in their crisis plans. I can create a social media crisis plan that integrates into a standing crisis communications plan or study a current social media crisis plan and offer an assessment regarding its viability.