Media Training

Every opportunity to address the media is an opportunity to advance the brand and objectives of an organization…or represent the organization poorly. And it isn’t just in the media. Every leader or member of an organization interacts with numerous stakeholders. It may be the CEO to employees, or customer service reps to customers. Do the people in your organization know what to say and how to say it, especially in stressful situations? D. Chris Turner Communications offers a variety of solutions to “media train” a variety of people, including those in the C-Suite.

Media training modulesEvery media training module is uniquely designed based on the specific needs of your organization and cover a range of topics. There are two module types: Module One is a three-hour session primarily focused around interactive instruction. Module Two is five hours and includes three on-camera practice interviews per person with debriefs to allow participant opportunities to simulate what they’re learning. Some of the topics covered in both training modules are:

  • Turning vision and values statements into speaking points
  • When to use “No Comment”
  • How to prepare for what you’ll say during an interview
  • Identifying media pitfalls and traps
  • Preparing for constituent encounters to effectively advance the brand
  • Tips for dressing for success
  • How to know your reporter
  • How to establish interview ground rules
  • How to respond to tough or leading questions
  • When to speculate