Writing and Editorial

Every organization needs written content or editorial services. In today’s world of social media and the way it impacts relationships between organizations and their constituents, content is everything. How’s your content? Is it well written and does it advance your organizational strategy? Here are some ways D. Chris Turner Communications can support you editorially.
  • Content strategy – Does your organization understand what content journalism is and its significance in today’s world of social media? I can teach you its role in your marketing communications strategy and help you develop a plan that consistently moves relevant news and feature stories through your newsroom and out to your constituency.
  • General news and features – I am an award-winning writer with years of experience writing news and feature stories for newspapers, magazines and as an organizational communicator developing “content journalism” that advances the organization’s objectives.
  • Books/long-form writing – Looking to develop an idea or manuscript into a book? Just too busy to get it done yourself? I can lead you through the process from idea development or can ghost writing your book, providing you with a completed manuscript.
  • Speeches – Is someone in your organization about to speak to the chamber of commerce or maybe at a trade show? I have extensive experience developing speeches for everyone from politicians to CEOs.
  • Opinions and editorials – Do you or your organization need to position itself or communicate a perspective. I work closely with key leaders to understand the nuances of an organization and develop content that establishes clear positions on a variety of issues.
  • Scripts – Developing a ¬†corporate video,¬†documentary, commercial or advocacy video? I work closely with producers to create unique and interesting scripts that complement the overall production.
  • Research and white papers – Need a more academic approach to communicating your organization’s abilities? I can ¬†develop case studies into white papers or research papers that advocate the benefits of your organization.
  • Writing workshops – Looking to improve the quality of your staff’s storytelling? I lead workshops suited for the unique editorial needs of any organization and that cover a variety of areas including interviewing techniques, news, feature, speech, and script writing.