3 Questions to ask while preparing speeches and presentations

Maybe you remember the scene from the 1980s movie Back to School. Professor Turguson, played by comedian Sam Kinison, hovers over Rodney Dangerfield’s character demanding an answer to his question by not-so-gentley shouting, “SAY IT! SAY IT!” How many speeches or presentations have you sat through where you wanted to shout, “SAY IT! SAY IT!”¬†hoping the speaker would find his point?

speeches and presentations

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The problem with so many presentations and speeches is there is no clear target in mind. The result: related facts that don’t make a clear point. The speaker may know where he’s heading (or not), but too often he assumes the audience walks away having, “gotten it.” Unfortunately, audiences often walk away in a fog of confusion. There are universal fundamentals that should shape every speech or presentation and guide those related facts to a destination. I’ve asked myself the¬†questions below in any executive speech I’ve authored or presentation I’ve prepared. Continue Reading