Social media: Why “get on it” (Part 2)

Social media offers many great opportunities for “ordinary” people to become people of influence. How? The more people share, the more influence potentially grows because their audience potentially grows. I addressed who should engage social media and why in Part 1 of Social Media: Why “get on it.”

One of the greatest opportunities for influence, however, lies with business or organizational leaders. Social media is an avenue to thought leadership that reaches employees as well as interested stakeholders. For instance, leaders can influence company direction simply by consistently informing employees about their vision and the direction they are collectively going (remember, it is actually the employees who bring the vision to existence!). Social media offers the most personably direct line of contact beyond one-to-one or one-to-small group contact. Continue Reading

Social media: Why “get on it”

Social media has, for some people, about the same attraction as getting a root canal.

I’ve got a friend who refuses to “get on Twitter” or be active on Facebook (although he is a bit of a Facebook lurker (stalker?) – you know, like somebody who mingles at a party, dropping in and out of conversations but never really says much. “I don’t want everyone to know when I go to the bathroom,” he says.

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Guess what? Seems obvious, but what isn’t shared on Twitter, well, isn’t shared on Twitter.

But that’s just it. There is a lot that could be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Weblogs and through other social media vehicles (YouTube, Vimeo, podcasting, etc.). In fact, there’s a lot that should be shared through social media. Continue Reading